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How to do a good job in logistics service


If you want to do a good job in logistics service, the first to change the original service concept, to set up after-sales service consciousness.In the logistics industry in our country, have this thought for a long time, one is that logistics is provided by the company to undertake cargo from the shipper to the Posting of transit service, as long as finish this process shows that the completion of tasks of the carrier.Thus its service content, often can be in a single shipment or storage on the operation of the upstream and downstream customers in the service process ignored, don't think this is their own business scope.Second, many logistics companies due to occupy a line or resource advantages, is in a state of relative monopoly, volumes in saturated state, thus there was an obvious snubbing service attitude and service consciousness, the behavior of customers.
Shenzhen hui international logistics co., LTDAccording to the survey, the use of third party logistics customer, more than 30% of the customers are not satisfied with services provided by the third party logistics enterprise, is not satisfied with the most logistics supplier information technology system is very poor, information feedback is limited;Communication between each other is not smooth, the supplier does not know the buyer change;The lack of standardization of operation procedures, resulting in uneven regional service;Unable to provide the overall solution, and so on.And the above factors tend to influence customer to a great extent on the choice of logistics company.
So for the logistics industry, to reverse the original self-righteous ideas, also can achieve in the short term.This requires every employee recognition of this kind of service consciousness, practice, is a long process.Only in this way can the service consciousness gradually internalized into a kind of cultural enterprises, make every employee work in "after-sales service" in the atmosphere, working in the "service first" corporate culture.If the above method is more pay attention to emotional input and interests reward, so a more solid customer relationship should be a strategic alliance and partnership, namely, for customers to have tailored logistics solutions, for logistics companies to provide considerate service of small cotton-padded jacket.