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Shenzhen electricity storage in accordance with the requirements for food, make clean the warehouse environment


Shenzhen electricity storageHow to choose the logistics?
Tripartite logistics refers to the enterprises and electricity enterprises, build warehouse management, distribution services, third party logistics supply,Comprehensive logisticsSupply and demand management integrated services.
Shenzhen electricity storage of the rolls
Food products need to offer the rolls product inspection, in accordance with the requirements for food, build clean storage environment;
Cosmetic and shoes clothes with personality service, to achieve quality assurance, according to the daily chemical products and shoes clothes products storage requirements, customized hardware facilities, at the same time provide warehousing management and additional services, such as the rolls and packaging, etc.;
Liquor storage need high quality storage conditions and management;
Electrical appliances category is more, need according to customer requirements management plan;In neat, detail as the standard, the goods to a perfect care.
For household/furniture can take the small shelf display, is the customer's storage area, also for the goods from the customers environment.
Three party logistics layout
Electricity companies need to adopt RDC logistics operation system, regional logistics operators according to the commodity attribute orders to collect fees, not only saving the cost of enterprise storage (about forty percent of the storage costs), professional warehousing base can all solve the problem of enterprise sales channels, and for many electricity enterprises, traditional distribution enterprises solve the problem of warehouse layout.
. How to choose the three party logistics crowdsourcing service
Shenzhen electricity storage need to be flexible production and operation platform, pay attention to product design and marketing, logistics outsourcing, make the enterprise efficiency;Electricity storage and reduce business risks, optimize the warehouse facilities layout, solve the logistics bottleneck problem, make the enterprise logistics system more systematic, standardization, informationization, intellectualization.
Electricity three-way Chambers warehousing logistics operation - shelves
The function of the modern electricity storage center on "through" rather than "storage", in theory, the higher the turnover of the goods, the better, inbound and outbound quantity should be flat, realize the fast forward quickly.How to implement fast forward quickly on the warehouse operation is the key to solve, need to use the powerful data management system support.Warehousing logistics storehouse management using the WMS system storage center, can by the WMS system according to the configuration of the advance and optimization on line recommended shelf trays, guide field shelves shelves personnel operation.Goods shelves can use real-time data transmission of RF handheld terminals, precision fast hit the shelves.